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City/Town Name:
New Haven County
Probate District:
Year Established:
Year Incorporated:
Form of Government:
Mayor and Town Council, elected every two years
Town Hall Address:
45 S. Main Street
Wallingford, Ct 06492
Web Address:

History Brief:
The founders of New Haven purchased this land in December 1638. The settlement here was known as East Haven Village or New Haven Plain until 1670 when it was named the town of Wallingford. Town vital records begin 1670. Barbour collection records cover 1670-1850.
Other City Names (2)

Settled From (1)
Town Name:New Haven
Population (3)


Founding Families (38)
Surname:Andrews, Nathan


Surname:Beach, John

Surname:Benham, Joseph

Surname:Brockett, John

Surname:Brown, Samuel

Surname:Cook, Samuel

Surname:Curtis, Thomas

Surname:Doolittle, Abraham

Surname:Hall, John

Surname:Hall, Samuel

Surname:Hall, Thomas

Surname:Harriman, John

Surname:Heaton, James

Surname:Holt, Eleazer

Surname:Hopper. Daniel

Surname:How, Jeremiah

Surname:How, Nathaniel

Surname:How, Zachariah

Surname:Ives, John

Surname:Ives, Joseph

Surname:Johnson, William

Surname:Lewis, Benjamin

Surname:Merriman, Nathaniel

Surname:Miles, John

Surname:Miles, Samuel

Surname:Moss, John

Surname:Munson, Samuel

Surname:Peck, Eleazar

Surname:Peck, John

Surname:Potter, Samuel

Surname:Preston, Eliasaph

Surname:Preston, Jehiel

Surname:Sherman, Daniel


Surname:Tuttle, Simon

Surname:Whitehead, Samuel

Surname:Yale, Thomas
Cemeteries (9)
Name:Center Street Cemetery
Location:Center Street, Wallingford CT

Name:Gaylord Cemetery
Location:Gaylord Sanitorium

Name:Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church Cemetery (203) 237-3226
Location:346 North Colony Street

Name:In Memoriam Cemetery (203) 269-9840
Location:18 Maplewood Ave. ,Wallingford, CT 06492

Name:Masonic Cemetery
Location:549 Hall Avenue

Name:St. Casimir Cemetery
Location:Doolittl's Crossing

Name:St. John Roman Catholic Cemetery (203) 237-3226
Location:150 East Christian Street

Name:St. Peter and St. Paul Cemetery
Location:1007 Durham Road

Name:Wallingford Jewish Cemetery
Location:223 Dudley Avenue
Churches (20)
Name:Beth Israel Synagogue
Location:22 North Orchard street, Wallingford

Name:Calvary United Pentecostal Church (203) 265-9581
Location:26 Meadow Street

Name:Church of Christ (203) 265-2787
Location:164 W. Whittlesey Avenue

Name:Church of the Nazarene (203) 269-9313
Location:26 Parker Farms Road, Wallingford

Name:Door of Hope Community Church (203) 741-1001
Location:120 Church Street, Yalesville

Name:Evangelical and Reform United Church of Christ (203) 269-4827
Location:205 S. Cherry Street, Wallingford

Name:First Baptist Church
Location:114 N. Main Street, Wallingford

Name:First Congregational Church (203) 165-1691
Location:23 South main Sreet, Wallingford

Name:First United Methodist Church
Location:941 Old Rock Hill Road, Wallingford

Name:Good News Christian Church (203) 284-9383
Location:46 John Street, Wallingford

Name:Heritage Baptist
Location:161 S. Whittlesey Ave., Wallingford, CT -06492

Name:Holy Trinity Church (203) 269-8791
Location:84 North Old Colony Road

Name:Jehovah's Witnesses (203) 265-4169
Location:9 Cottage Street

Name:ST. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church (203) 269-9526
Location:360 Church Street, Yalesville

Name:St. Paul's Espiscopal Church (203) 269-5050
Location:65 North Main Street, Wallingford

Name:St. Peter and Paul Church (203) 269-4617
Location:139 North Orchard Street, Wallingford

Name:Wallingford Church of Christ (203) 284-2171
Location:1213 Old Colony Road, (Rt 71) Wallingford

Name:White Oak Baptist (203) 265-3548
Location:20 N. Whittlesey Ave. Wallingford, CT 06492

Name:Yalesville United Methodist Church (203) 269-9521
Location:8 New Place Street, Yalesville

Name:Zion Lutheran Church (203) 269-6847
Location:235 Pond Hill Road, Wallingford
Monuments (0)
No Data Available.
Communities (5)
Name:East Wallingford

Name:Quinnipiac (Partly in North Haven)


Name:Wallingford Center

Historical Locations (0)
No Data Available.
Notable Citizens (4)
Name:Lyman Hall - Signer of Declaration of Independance

Name:Morton Downey Jr. - Conservative talk show host

Name:Morton Downey - Singer

Name:Moses Yale Beach - Founder of the Associated Press
Newspapers (3)
Name:The Peoples Press (203) 235-9333
Location:P.O. Box 4459, Yalesville, CT 06492

Name:The Record Journal (203) 235-1661
Location:11 Crown Street, P.O. Box 915, Meriden, CT 06450

Name:Wallingford Post Weekly (203) 269-1464
Location:P.O. Box 9
Schools (16)
Name:Choate Rosemary Hall 9-12 Preparatory School (203) 697-2239
Location:333 Christian Street, Wallington, Ct

Name:Cook Hill Elementary School Pk-5 (203) 284-5400
Location:57 Hall Rd., Wallingford, CT 06492

Name:Dag Hammarskjold Middle School 6-8 (203) 294-5340
Type:Middle School
Location:106 Pond Hill Road, Wallingford, CT 06492

Name:E. C. Stevens Elementary School (203) 294-5330
Location:18 Kondracki Lane, Wallingford, CT 06492

Name:Heritage Baptist Academy
Location:161 S. Whittlesey Avenue Wallingford, CT 06492

Name:Highland Elementary School K-5 (203) 949-0121
Location:200 Highland Avenue Wallingford, CT 06492

Name:Holy Trinity K-8 (203) 269-4476
Location:11 N. Whittlesey Avenue Wallingford, CT 06492

Name:James H. Moran 6-8 (203) 741-2900
Type:Middle School
Location:141 Hope Hill Road, Wallingford, CT 06492

Name:Lyman Hall High School 9-12 (203) 294-5350
Type:High School
Location:70 Pond Hill Rd., Wallingford, Ct 06492

Name:Mark T. Sheehan High School 9-12 (203) 294-5900
Type:High School
Location:142 Hope Hill Road, Wallingford, CT 06492

Name:Moses Y. Beach Elementary School Pk-5 (203) 949-0343
Location:340 N. Main St., Wallingford, CT 06492

Name:Parker Farms Elementary School Pk-5 (203) 949-0349
Location:30 Parker Farms Rd., Wallingford, CT 06492

Name:Pond Hill Elemenetary School K-5 (203) 949-0109
Location:299 Pond Hill d., Wallingford, CT 06492

Name:Rock Hill Elemenetary School K-5 (203) 949-0115
Location:911 Durham Rd., Wallingford, CT 06492

Name:Special Alternative 203-294-6290
Location:75 Parker Street

Name:Yalesville Elemenetary School K-5 (203) 265-1498
Location:415 Church St., Yalesville, CT 06492
Libraries (2)
Name:Wallingford Public Library
Location:200 North Main St.,Wallingford, CT 06492

Name:Yalesville Branch-Library
Location:400 Church St., Yalesville, CT 06492
Published Histories (4)
Name:History of Wallingford, CT from its Settlement in 1670 to Present Time
Author:Charles Henry Stanley Davis
Date Published:1870
Publisher:Charles Henry Stanley Davis

Name:History of the Wallingford Disaster
Author:John B. Kendrick
Date Published:1878
Publisher:Case, Lockwood and Brainard

Name:Souvenir History of Wallingfor,CT
Author:C.B. Gillespie
Date Published:1895
Publisher:Journal Publishing Co.

Name:Tales of Old Wallingford
Author:Clarence E. Hale
Date Published:1971
Publisher:Pequot Press
Genealogy Websites (1)
Website Name:Wallingford Public Library Biography & Genealogy Maxter Index
Historic Timeline (0)
No Data Available.
Town Historian (1)
Name:Contact the:
Contact Data:Wallingford Historical Society
(203) 294-1996
180 South Main Street
Wallingford, CT 06492
Vital Records (1)
Birth:1670 - Present
Marriage:1670 - Present
Death:1670 - Present

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